Appointment Preparation Information

Things you will want to know prior to making your appointment with us. 
  • Please bring your OB GYN / Midwives  Name, Address, Phone Number to fill out on your paperwork
  • You must be under the care of an OB GYN / Midwife for Prenatal Care prior to your visit with us or at least have an appointment card with the written date your first appointment has been scheduled for.
  • You may book online – be sure to pay attention to the recommended dates for the different package options.
  • Read our Guest Policy
  • Read your suggestive tips – if you have any questions go over them with your Dr. prior to booking your appointment.
  • If you do not want to know the Gender at the time of your appointment let your tech know before your session begins, we will put it in an envelope after for you to take. If you do not want to know I suggest only doing the basic 2D $50.00 then returning for another visit to view baby this will lessen your chance of accidentally seeing on screen, the longer the session the higher chance gender can be noticed.
  • If you are planning on obtaining a Heartbeat Animal (You will need to let your Tech know during the session as a recorder will need to be made during your ultrasound).

Guest Policy

COVID-19 Restrictions: You may bring a maximum of (1) (Adult Guest) with you to your appointment (children are not permitted at this time). We require that you and your guests wear mask at all times while inside our office. We disinfect our scan room with Medical Grade disinfectant that kills Corona Viruses, Pathogens & Bacteria after each appointment. In addition to our main waiting area we have remodeled another room in our office to serve as an additional waiting area to promote responsible social distancing.

Full Face Photo Packages – Recommended 32 – 34 weeks

The best time to do 3D/4D/HD Live is going to be approx. 32 – 34 weeks for most all moms however, many varying factors will contribute to obtaining optimal images.

  • $99 Package 20 – Minutes
  • $129 Package 30 – Minutes
  • $175 Premium Package 40 – Minutes Heartbeat Animal included

Preparation tips should be started at (least) 7 to 10 days before your appointment date. Hydration is the biggest factor in trying to obtain clear images of baby. If a mom is dehydrated her amino fluid tends to be lower than average/normal AFI score of (14) between 22 – 35 weeks and does not allow enough fluid around babies face to obtain optimal images. Without an average to above average fluid level, it is “impossible” to obtain optimal images of baby as your baby has little room to move around. (This info is readily available online for you to research for yourself)

We are not a medical facility we cannot tell you how much water to consume for you and/or your baby. However, we do say that you do not want to be drinking less than what your own body alone needs on a daily basis to stay hydrated prior to pregnancy and this is at least approx. (5+) -16 oz. water bottles ea. day approx. 64+ oz. per day for average human consumption. Your consumption or lack of water consumption daily plays a vital role in the level of amniotic fluid baby lives in. Concentrate (daily) on your water intake approx. 10 days prior to your appointment date. As always with everything in pregnancy, consult your OBGYN with any/all questions you may have concerning you & your baby as some mothers may have different orders from their doctor.

Try eating lite fresh foods the day before appointment and no heavy meal prior to appointment, having an empty bowel/bladder can also give baby more room and a clearer view of baby with less shadowing. You may try and use our exercise ball, this can help to bounce on if baby is not in a good position to obtain photos. Inner Reflections is known for High Quality Definition. This can only be obtained if all variables are in place i.e., clear amniotic fluid, (AFI level high normal 14 – 18), no placenta/hands/feet/cord in front of face. All ultrasound sessions with you & your baby will be a 50/50 chance. You may obtain multiple clear high-quality images, or you may not be able to see your babies face at all. We will offer you a choice – if you do not obtain your desired results/clarity due to low fluid around babies face or your baby is in a poor position, we will try for 15 min. (half of your session time) after that you will have the option to pay a $35.00 office fee and return on another day to try your package option again or you may choose to continue your session in full. It is quite common to return between 2-3 times depending on your body habitus, your AFI level, your babies position & other variables to try and obtain Clear Optimal High-Quality Definition Face Photos.

Nub Theory vs. Gender Determination

16.5 weeks is when male or female sex parts are usually completely formed on most babies. Sex develops differently on each baby at varying times, just as all adults have varying genitalia so do developing babies. 92% of all babies at 16+ weeks will give an accurate sex reading of male or female genitalia. However, a (Nub Theory) is completely different and most facilities do not explain what you are receiving when you go in for an early prediction. It is a (tubercle reading) and not a fully formed male or female sex part. These early predictions are based off the directional angle of the tubercle, which is what will develop into a male or female sex part during the morphing stage approx. 12-16 weeks. The tubercle readings should be done between 13 – 14.5 weeks they are approx. 85% accurate, so 85 out of 100 will be correct and approx. 15 out of 100 will be incorrect not showing a correct angle.

I give parents the information to base their decision on when choosing a session that will fit their needs the best. Some will come in early for a 2D Nub Theory and then come back @ 16+ weeks to confirm Gender before they start announcing or planning parties. Remember to choose the correct package when booking online. (A) 13 – 14.5 weeks Nub Theory – (B) 16+ weeks Gender Determination both packages are $69.00