Will my 3D images be clear like sample photos shown on website?

We try to obtain the best photos/video possible during your session however many times baby can be uncooperative and/or other factors may contribute in not being able to obtain clear, crisp images. Keep in mind every scan can have varying results as every expecting mother and baby are different. Some scans can produce multiple 3D images while others can be a challenge to get 1 face shot out of your entire session, some of these factors are listed below.

* We are unable to promise that the 3D ultrasound images you receive will be comparable to those you see on our website, or that we will meet your expectations. The 3D ultrasound photos we are able to obtain are fully dependent upon your baby’s gestational age, placenta position, amount of fluid around babies face, and mother’s body habitus. We will make every effort to obtain the best images of whatever parts your baby will show us. We do offer a return visit for a $50.00 tech fee charge only, for this fee we will offer you another session of whichever package you originally paid for.

If I want to have multiple scans during pregnancy what is suggested?

  • 1st – HD 2D imaging with 3D/4D Sneak Peek 10 minute session under 20 weeks gestation. Package option: $69.00
  • 2nd – HD 2D/3D/4D HD Live imaging 20 minute session between 20-26 weeks gestation. Package option: $99.00
  • 3rd – 3D/4D/HD Live imaging 20 – 40 minute session between 32 to 34 weeks gestation. Package options: $99.00 = 20 minute $129.00 = 30 minute $175.00 = 40 minute
  • It is not recommended to do FULL FACE SHOTS between 20 to 31 weeks babies are most often not head down and we cannot obtain good face photos NOTE: We will try for 10 minutes then you have 2 choices to pay a $35 Fee and return on another day to try your package again when baby is more cooperative or you may finish out your full session.

How soon can I find out the gender of my baby?

You can schedule a Actual Gender Determination with us as early as 16.5 weeks or a Nub Theory Reading as early as 13.5 weeks please see the Appointment Information and Guest Policy located on our home page to read over the differences between these to options.

When is the best time to schedule my 3D/4D ultrasound?

The best time for your 3D/4D/HD Live ultrasound is at 32 weeks for most all moms unless you are pregnant with twins, in this case the preferred range is 26 weeks. You must also, HYDRATE EACH DAY STARTING 10 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT DATE OR YOUR IMAGES WILL NOT TURN OUT. Please refer to our preparation suggestions link on our homepage.

May I bring guests to my office session?

Read our Guest Policy. Everyone will be filled with excitement as they view the newest member of the family on our Flat Screen LED Monitor. However, please remember very young children have short attention spans. Children at times cannot sit still for up to 30+ minutes quietly in a darkened room while session is taking place and often have to be taken out into waiting room by an adult who then is not able to sit through the session and enjoy it with the rest of the family. This can also be stressful to the mother, we want everyone to embrace a memorable experience, please keep this in mind for your session as well as others receiving theirs as scanning room is located very close to our waiting area.

How long will my appointment last?

Depending on your package choice, your appointment could last anywhere between 15 – 90 minutes. The actual scanning times last between 5 – 45 minutes. Your session time in total will also include editing of images after your session ends, downloading your dvd/cd set, printing photos and turning over the room after your session ends. All our package prices are based off of the time your session in total consist of in its entirety.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

Yes. Sessions are by appointment only, please try and schedule 2 weeks in advance and Book Online.

Is 3D/4D ultrasound / sonogram covered by insurance?

Since 3D/4D ultrasound / sonogram is elective, insurance plans do not cover the procedure since it is a non-diagnostic scan.

My doctor suggested I get an ultrasound / sonogram at his/her office. Should I still do that?

We are an elective facility Not a medical provider as such our ultrasound / sonogram scans are for entertainment purposes only and in no way do our scans take the place of a medical diagnostic ultrasound scheduled by your doctor. You should always make sure you receive a diagnostic ultrasound / sonogram scheduled by your OB/GYN.

Will you capture good images?

We will work to capture the most detailed images possible. There are variables which can affect the quality of your images, including position of your baby, your body habitus, and your need for hydration, which is why we recommend starting your conscious hydration efforts 10 days prior to scan date. This will not guarantee your results will be optimal as other factors are also at play such as babies hands/feet, chord and/or placenta being in the way however, if you do not hydrate you can guarantee your results will be less optimal as without fluid in front of face it is impossible to obtain any images at all. Read over the appointment preparation suggestions on our homepage.