When is the best time to schedule my 3D/4D ultrasound?

The best time for your 3D/4D/HD Live ultrasound is at 32 weeks for most all moms unless you are pregnant with twins, in this case the preferred range is 26 weeks. You must also, HYDRATE EACH DAY STARTING 10 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT DATE OR YOUR IMAGES WILL NOT TURN OUT. Please refer to our preparation suggestions link on our homepage.

May I bring guests to my office session?

Read our Guest Policy. Everyone will be filled with excitement as they view the newest member of the family on our Flat Screen LED Monitor. However, please remember very young children have short attention spans. Children at times cannot sit still for up to 30+ minutes quietly in a darkened room while session is taking place and often have to be taken out into waiting room by an adult who then is not able to sit through the session and enjoy it with the rest of the family. This can also be stressful to the mother, we want everyone to embrace a memorable experience, please keep this in mind for your session as well as others receiving theirs as scanning room is located very close to our waiting area.

How long will my appointment last?

Depending on your package choice, your appointment could last anywhere between 15 – 90 minutes. The actual scanning times last between 5 – 45 minutes. Your session time in total will also include editing of images after your session ends, downloading your dvd/cd set, printing photos and turning over the room after your session ends. All our package prices are based off of the time your session in total consist of in its entirety.