Maroc Quezada – Woodland, Ca.

This place is unbelievable. They took us the same day just a few hours after we called. The owner (works there) makes it such an awesome experience. It is such a peaceful and quiet and relaxing environment. The room where they do the ultrasounds was super warming and inviting. You can bring many people, or it can just be you and whoever you want. My husband and I got a few key chains and the package that we got came with the pictures and a DVD video of the ultrasound. They really take the time to make it such a personal experience. They have refreshments there for you or your children and they even give you a few goody bags when you’re done to help you educate yourself on feeding the baby as well as a bottle and everything! This place will exceed your expectations of an incredible place to see your beautiful little child. Not to mention the techs are incredibly professional and they are ultrasound techs at the hospital. They know absolutely how to take good pictures of your little baby. Will hands down go there all the time for all of our children. If you want an ultrasound or are even considering one. GO HERE. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.