Will my 3D images be clear like sample photos shown on website?

We try to obtain the best photos/video possible during your session however many times baby can be uncooperative and/or other factors may contribute in not being able to obtain clear, crisp images. Keep in mind every scan can have varying results as every expecting mother and baby are different. Some scans can produce multiple 3D images while others can be a challenge to get 1 face shot out of your entire session, some of these factors are listed below.

* We are unable to promise that the 3D ultrasound images you receive will be comparable to those you see on our website, or that we will meet your expectations. The 3D ultrasound photos we are able to obtain are fully dependent upon your baby’s gestational age, placenta position, amount of fluid around babies face, and mother’s body habitus. We will make every effort to obtain the best images of whatever parts your baby will show us. We do offer a return visit for a $50.00 tech fee charge only, for this fee we will offer you another session of whichever package you originally paid for.