Will my 3D images be clear like sample photos shown on website?

We try to obtain the best photos/video possible during your session however many times baby can be uncooperative and/or other factors may contribute in not being able to obtain clear, crisp images. Keep in mind every scan can have varying results as every expecting mother and baby are different. Some scans can produce multiple 3D images while others can be a challenge to get 1 face shot some of these factors are listed below.

* With every ultrasound we provide, we do our best to capture optimal images. 3D/4D imaging quality can and will vary by but not limited to, low and/or cloudy amniotic fluid, late gestational age, unfavorable fetal lie (position) or maternal body habitus (weight, build, size, structure) placenta location, babies leg, arm, hand, feet in front of face which can create a black void. We always try our best to obtain as many images as possible during your session and go the extra mile if we are having trouble with any above factors however please be aware each woman and baby are different and as such each outcome of footage can be different and we can make no guarantee that your images will be perfectly clear as it will all depend on you, your body and your baby.